The first 24 Farragut DLG-6 and DDG-37 ship's ball caps arrived from Eagle Crest in JAX, USA. They are American Made and have excellent quality with the right silhouettes for your ship courtesy of retired CPO Greg Malavolti at Eagle Crest. The FSA asks for a donation of $20 from FSA Members, $25 from Shipmates not yet members. The price includes ground shipping by USPS. Depending on the success of these first 24 items, other Farragut items will be added to the inventory. USS King (DLG-10, DDG-41) has a huge selection, it's going to take a while to match their style. So here's hoping we can and will build a Ship's Store that will provide you with Farragut memorabilia while adding a few dollars to our Treasury to offset expenses at the next Homecoming.

 The FSA Ship's Store now utilizes PayPal  for online donations. You can always E-mail the ship's storekeeper for snail mail purchase instructions. That's Tom Randall, our President  @