Admiral David Glasgow Farragut circa 1866-67

Our Hero was the very first Admiral in the United States Navy, date of rank 25 July 1866. The rank was created for him and Congress considered it a reward for a brilliant career that started when he received his first promise of a Midshipman's appointment on 17 December 1810 when he was only nine and a half years old! His last official duties took him to Portland, Maine in January 1870 having spent nearly 60 years in service to this grateful nation. He is not forgotten, least of all by those of us who served on the five ships named in his honor and one named after his great victory in Mobile Bay. Each of us Farragut sailors has done our best to "Make the Old Man Proud" and that tradition may very well have been passed down from USS Farragut (TB 11) in 1898 and it certainly is part of the tradition of the newest USS Farragut (DDG 99) currently preparing for battle.  In the near future, a link will be provided on this page to download a biography of the man, the legend and the Admiral many call "Lincoln's Admiral". God Bless Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, the United States Navy, and these United States of America!