1.  Al Alcorn, BTCM (r.), DDG-37, BT, Decomm
  2. Larry Bagley, EM, DDG-37, 83-86
  3. Peter Barsczeski, DLG-6, SWO, 71-72, 1st Timer
  4. Stephen Beavers, DDG-37, OS, 76-79
  5. Robert Behre, EMCS (ret), DDG-37, EM, 86-88, FSA Reunion Committee
  6. Terry Benken, DDG-37, BM, 76-77, 1st Timer
  7. Donald Brady, DLG-6, BT 1961-63
  8. Chuck Buie, RMCM (r.), DLG-6, RM, Plankowner, 60-62
  9. Brian Butterworth, DDG-37, 85-89, 1st Timer
  10. Randy Campbell, EMC (r.), DDG-37, EM, 80-83, 1st Timer
  11. William "Chip" Cipolla, DLG-6, ETR, 70-71
  12. Thomas Coca, DLG-6, FTM, 70-74
  13. D. "Chip" Colburn, DLG-6, SWO, 70-71
  14. Bob Colonna, HTCM (r.), DLG-6/ DDG-37 Plankowner, HT, 75-77, 1st Timer
  15. David Cordle, DDG-37, QM, 81-85, 1st Timer
  16. Randy Cribbs, DDG-37, MM, 81-85,, 1st TImer
  17. Merle Denny, DLG-6, MM, 63-67 FSA Founder, Past 1VP
  18. Bill Donohue, DDG-37, QM, 82-86
  19. Philip Duquette, LCDR (r.), DDG-37, MM, 86-89, 1st Timer
  20. Russell Fetters, BTCM, (r.), DDG-37, ENG LCPO, 86-89, 1st Timer
  21. D. "Gunner" Filkins, GMGC (r.), DDG-37, GMG, 86-89, 1st Timer
  22. Jeffrey Flatt, DDG-37, MM, 86-87, 1st Timer
  23. David Goldstein, LT (r.), DDG-37, SWO, 82-86, 1st Timer
  24. Bud Greene DLG-6, IC, 70-71
  25. Matthew Haley, MM, DDG-37, 85-88, 1st TImer
  26. Dan Hein, DDG-37, EN, 79-82, 1st Timer
  27. Thomas Henry, DDG-37, OS, 82-85
  28. Kurtiss Hullinger, DDG-37, MM 78-83 FSA 1st VP 2014-18, President 2018-
  29. Daniel Hutchinson, MAC (r.), DDG-37, CMAA, 86-89, 1st Timer
  30. Robert Jackson, DDG-37, EM, 85-88, 1st Timer
  31. Michael Jensen, DCCS (r.), DDG-37, HT, 80-85,1st Timer
  32. Russ Kauffman, CWO4 (r.), DLG-6 FTG, 63-64, Past FSA President
  33. Robert Kapner, DLG-6 Plankowner, MT, 60-63
  34. Jerry Kotchka, CAPT (r.), DLG-6, OPS, 70-72, 1st Timer
  35. Leonard Linares, DLG-6/DDG-37 Plankowner, OS, 75-79
  36. Russell Lincoln, DDG-37, EM, 87-89, 1st Timer
  37. Timothy McLeod, FCC (r.), DDG-37, FTM, 80-82, 1st Timer
  38. Benjamin Miles, DDG-37, BM, 1978-81
  39. Scott Ministero, DDG-37, MM, 87-89, 1st Timer
  40. Wayne Mitchell, DLG-6 Plankowner, ETR, 69-73
  41. Michael Morrison, MMC (r.), DDG-37, MM, 84-89, 1st Timer
  42. Thomas Read, DDG-37, MM, 84-88, 1st Timer
  43. Joseph Pointek, DLG-6/DDG-37 Plankowner, DDG-37, 75-77
  44. Chris Pugh, DDG-37, MM, 85-89, 1st Timer
  45. Thomas Randall, CW2 (r.) Army, DDG-37, MM, 76-80, FSA VP 04-08, Pres., 14-18, Treas. 18-
  46. Doug Rhodes, OSC (r.), DLG-6/DDG-37 Plankowner, DDG-37, OS 73-79
  47. Gary Rudy, DDG-37, BM, 82-85, 1st Timer
  48. David Sage, DDG-37, BT, 86-88, Reunion Committee. “The Transporter”
  49. Robert Seale DDG-37, BT, 76-79
  50. Greg Smith, DDG-37, SM, 81-85, 1st Timer
  51. Leonard Stine, SKC (r.), DLG-6 Plankowner, SK, 60-63
  52. Phillip Thedford, DDG-37, MM, 76-79, 1st Timer
  53. Robert Trader, CWO4 (r.), DDG-37, EWO, Decomm, 1st Timer
  54. Donald Unser, ICC (r.), DLG-6/DDG-37 Plankowner, IC, 75-79
  55. James Watson, DDG-37, MM, 82-87, 1st Timer
  56. Otto Weispfenning, DDG-37, MM, 84-89, 1st Timer
  57. Gordon Wright, DDG-37, QM, 84-86, FSA Treasurer, 2012-18, 2VP 18-
  58. Juan Yera, GMCM (r.), DDG-37, GMT, 84-88, FSA 2nd VP 2016-18, 1VP 18-
  59. Teodoro Zarate, MMC (r.), DLG-6/DDG-37 Plankowner, MM, 75-80, 1st Timer

At the last regular biannual meeting of the Farragut Ships' Association, Inc. the majority of the members present voted to return to Norfolk, VA where USS Farragut (DDG-37) was homeported from 1976-1989, the year of her decommissioning. The dates requested (11-14 October 2018) were based when on the tourist season was over and the weather is cooler. Negotiations were made with a third party, Ted Dey, founder of Armed Forces Reunions and we secured a contract with the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside on the Norfolk waterfront that is in Waterside District. The Farragut Ships' Association officers and Reunion Committee met there on Wednesday, October 10 and got the hotel squared away ready to answer all bells. Phil Thedford was relieved of the first watch and assumed the duties as Ships' Storekeeper.

Thursday, October 11th we spent the day calling our Shipmates traveling in the advance of Hurricane Michael; Mike Jensen was stuck in Chicago on a train, Dave Gorham was hunkered down in Georgia, Brian And Keir Butterworth from Bakersfield, CA flew out of LAX and went all over the country by air before finally arriving safely in Norfolk. By Thursday night Phil had the Ship's Store ready for business and the officers had somewhat of a grip on the situation. Juan Yera's wife and family brought a lot of homemade comfort food to the Hospitality Room and made sure we ate a little healthier than we did aboard ship.

Nauticus, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum; and the Battleship Wisconsin (also known a "WISKY") is within walking distance of the Sheraton. We visited it on Friday, October 12th. We went on 'backlot tours', one for Machinery Spaces and one for Command and Control, a.k.a. "the Bridge". General admission spent the day visiting Nauticus and returning to the Hospitality Room to visit Shipmates and family. Friday night Was Pizza Night sponsored by Veterans of Foreign Wars and further supported by donations from the crew. Thank you Granby Street Pizza for delivering some great comfort food and a whole lot of napkins.


On Saturday, October 13th Spirit of Norfolk got us underway on the 243rd Navy Birthday. We had a keynote speaker for the cruise (FORCM (ret.) Robert "Irish Bob" Conklin.  Our President Tom Randall passed down a USS Farragut (DDG-99) ball cap to Irish Bob Conklin. That ball cap had been given to Tom by CMDCM (SW) Martin Roberts, the then Command Master Chief of USS Farragut, on the pier the day that Farragut departed for her deployment in 2015. It only seemed appropriate to be the link in a chain between two great Command Master Chiefs. Our President them recognized Senora Josefina Corral, 89 years young, and mother of Juan Yera, GMCM and our FSA 2VP. On our behalf, he presented her with a rose corsage and declared: "To honor you is to honor all of our mothers who waited at home and prayed for our safe return from sea aboard a ship named Farragut.On behalf of all my shipmates, I say our mothers are first and foremost in our hearts and minds." He then adopted her as our Honored Mother.

We then observed Naval Station Norfolk from "sea" in Dress Ship. We watched one large decked amphib that shall remain nameless leave homeport Norfolk remembering the time-honored words of John Paul Jones: "I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way!"  

Email farragutshipsassociation@gmail.com for information about membership or the next reunion, the 11th Farragut Homecoming, in Farragut, TN, October 2020. Watch for the next Farragut Flash Newsletter. Here are your 2018-20 Farragut Ships' Association Officers:  Kurtiss "Zippy" Hullinger, President, Juan Yera, 1st VP, Gordon Wright, 2nd VP, Randy Campbell, Secretary, and Thomas Randall, Ship's Storekeeper/Treasurer and Chief of Staff.  We have four Committee Chairs: Bylaws/Russ Kauffman, Past Pres.; Membership/Hullinger; MWR/Randall; Reunion/Chip Cipolla. Muster Report Follows. That is all.