Candidate Vince Smith

We Are the Farragut Ships' Association, Inc. We all served in the US Navy aboard a ship named Farragut, we all stood the watches and did our shipboard duty in peace and war.

This web page is dynamic and subject to change. We hope you will be patient as we continue to prepare for our 11th Farragut Homecoming in Farragut, Tennessee in October 2020 for the Navy's 245th Birthday.

We just reunited at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside for our VERY successful 10th Farragut Homecoming. We had 59 Shipmates and their families for a total of 117 in attendance. We visited Nauticus (see photo below) and USS Wisconsin (BB-64), went on Spirit of Norfolk on the Navy's 243rd Birthday to see Dress Ship at the Naval Station, and had a balanced budget for the first reunion ever! No worries. Many thanks go out to the Veteran-friendly Sheraton Norfolk Waterside, the Nauticus staff,  all those FSA members that worked long hours to make this happen. Hurricane Michael tried to ruin it but all are safe and well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bay County Florida where the Emerald Coast has lost its luster for some time to come...
Our previous reunion was June 2016 reunion in Jacksonville, FLA. We had 46 shipmates reunite including the C.O.; X.O. and CMC from USS Farragut (DDG 99). The X.O. is now the C.O. and the former C.O. is now a member of the FSA. We had at least 40 guests. We visited USS Lassen (DDG-82) as DDG-99 was underway, had a Testimonial Dinner and visited Saint Augustine. We told a few sea stories and held a Membership Meeting. Thanks go out to our Reunion Committee and Officers for all their hard work to get us there! We also just can't say enough about the Holiday Inn East Baymeadows I295, either. Veteran-friendly, great food, great location

One Legendary Admiral,

Five Extraordinary Ships!